R8000 - wifi doesn't work even if it seems to be connected


R8000 - wifi doesn't work even if it seems to be connected

Hi all,

I'm having this annoying issue since some months: I use a Netgear R8000 wifi router connected to my Fastweb Fastgate (FTTH GPON connection very stable) since last August and since August I have WiFi (I use Smart Connect) that periodically seems to be connected but devices cannot navigate to Internet.

If I perform a reboot of the router, all is working again. I saw from past posts that this issue is very old (since 2018), so I'm wondering if Tech Support or someone else can help me on this. 

I have to add that I use daily scheduled power off of WiFi, but also disabling this scheuling issue persists. Firmware is V1.0.4.68_10.1.75. Is available a firmware that fix this or that enables me to schedule at least an automatic daily reboot?

Do I need to do a daily manual reboot of wifi? Now that I work from home due to COVID-19 it is not a big deal, but if I will need to travel (I hope as soon as possible), will I have an un-reliable wifi connection so that my alarm system will be unuseful?

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Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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