R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well


R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

Need some community help as I am not paying Netgear $90 to "Troubleshoot" their own mistakes. I recently moved and purchased my fastest ISP speeds yet but now the X6S is showing it can't keep up past 300Mb Down on 5GHz or 100Mb Down on 2.4GHz. I am in an empty house, have cleared and factory reset settings etc. Hooked up to a DOCSIS 3.1 modem, tried both Arris and Netgear 3.1s, same results. 


My speeds should be:

500Mb Down

50Mb Up


When hooked up directly to modem, I get over 600 Down and about 100 Up

Wired to the router, I receive this and more. Wirelessely is way less as annotated above.

Wired to the modem is just the same. Speed tests FROM the router also show it is receiving the same speeds.

I don't have QoS enabled, have tested updating the database and unchecking and all of that jazz. Sitting next to router has no change, there is no significant channel disturbances from neighboring devices. Tried 3rd firmware release as well as latest. Wiping personal settings and all. Why is the X6S not outputting such speeds? Mu-Mimo is set and logging is turned off as well as traffic logging just in case somehow that boggs down this beefy but poorly optimized router. Previous forum posts also state they are having issues as well. I can't find custom firmware to test Netgears fault but I firmly believe it is either hardware or software based faults that are out of my fields of expertise.


I have ran tests on Mobile, 2 laptops, a tablet, all yield same results UNLESS hardwired.


Steps Taken: 

QoS tweaking| On and Off and settings as well

Specific frequency hopping tested

Shouldn't matter but tested distances and barriers to router

physical connections

hard and soft booting

Factory Resets and firmware resets



I am still trying to figure out how to get into direct contact with Netgear but it appears I must pay for their help or the usual "Did you restart the router" "Is it plugged in" "Are you using good RJ45 and Ethernet connection" etc. 


Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

If customer support can't help me or this doesn't get resolved and shows that customer support continues to be irresponsible and or avoides the many issues of it's customers that all report the same thing then I will turn my money else where and get rid of the router. For such a high end router, it shouldn't have these issues. Infrequent firmware updates and lack of community responses worries me with my investment. 


I have had 300Mbps for over a year and no issue, when I upgrade to half a gigabit and it can't get past 300, it kinda sucks and I am sure this issue was there before I was even able to tell. I will steer clear of Netgear until they can fix their issues. I opened a ticket last year about the 3.0 NAS port on the router with Readyshare and all they did was close it with no response. I am assuming due to the warranty period expiring or something. 


Anyone else having the same issue? Found a fix? Recommendations? 

Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

Spoke with Kevin from customer support. This is by far the worst customer support I have ever received. To force me to pay $100 to troubleshoot an issue that everyone else is having is ridiculous. He kept forgetting my information I told him, disregarding information stated and not understanding my issue and calling me 3 different names for some reason. 

Seriously Netgear, this is a slap in the face. I understand your warranty policy and such but closing a valid ticket in the eligble period and then disregarding this issue because it's after the fact is beyond horrible customer support. Any other tech company in the world will help you troubleshoot till the end and then tell you they can't do anything else. If this doesn't get resolved, I will be selling the router back to amazon and switching companies. I am glad I took my new Netgear modem back to Best Buy before they closed tonight because I figured this would happen over the phone before I even called.

To sell a faulty $300 Layer 3 Router/switch device to me and push out faulty firmware that throttles speeds to I guess trick your customers into buying customer support packages or new IoT devices is thievishly stupid. 

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

I am right out here with you

Almost identical issues over here

I upgraded to a 400/20 package and the netgear house of cards collapsed all over the place

No fix from me, but maybe take comfort that there are others like us out there who spend good money expecting it to last for more than 2 years until needing upgrading

I am looking to go back to linksys or an asus mesh system when I get a wifi 6 setup. Might need to upgrade sooner from the looks of it

Hope you get to that 500. That's a nice connection and I'm sure cost a pretty penny

We deserve better
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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

Try turning off that BS smart connect and hit your 5ghz band directly. That worked ...for now...

My 2.4 is worthless but at least my 5ghz hit the speeds I expect before it drops like a bad cell phone connection

Junk. All junk from netgear
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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

I have never used smart connect lol. I just don't understand why it isn't hitting the speeds it should. I know Wired is better than Wireless but honestly below a gigabit, you should never notice such a huge difference and NOT know what's causing it. I will definitely be switching too. Glad I could take the netgear modem back since I bought it yesterday. Nothing was wrong with it but if I ever have to contact support, I know I will be left in the water. I had Asus in the past and upgraded to this Nighthawk, features and all were promising but buggy firmware, non existent support and WiFi dropping issues have steered me away from this product line. I hope there is a fix or something soon, we can't be the only ones out of who knows how many people to have speeds above 400 and issues like this.

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

Here is my theory

For years they have been selling these sleek looking clunkers knowing full well they are not gigabit or anywhere near gigabit optimized devices... since most people have a 100mb or thereabouts connection one notices and they perform well with the qos and mumimo features with lower bandwidths -- until ISPs started rolling out 400-1gb packages the hardware held up fine

Now we are stuck with flashy looking well marketed junk with 3 bands of nothing and all this "bandwidth" sitting there in a bullcrap cyber security pay to win lootbox

Now that wifi 6 is coming out they are shifting focus to that product line and we are as you said

In the water.

This update erased features and added a nothing security feature that isn't even part of the firmware. It's a link to activate bitdefender

It's a joke. Let me know what you end up upgrading to
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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

You know what man, that actually sounds spot on, it makes sense. Around the time I bought this device, no one really had access to these speeds. Now it's growing at a rapid rate, I hope to see more replies on this thread with similar issues. I am on all pages blasting them for this and I suggest you do the same. If we all band together maybe they can compensate us or reach out. This would bring back some customer care factor to their plate but until then, I will bash them and talk down upon them. This isn't how you treat customers, especially with an expensive router that is false advertised/faulty. I appreciate your respones! You're awesome!!

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

They can add that url link as a security feature but we still can't fully disable WPS or get speeds we pay for. This is so aggravating

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

As you have moved house, you will now be on a different internet service. The first thing to do in those circumstances is to factory reset the router to get it to forget all settings it picked up from the old service.


Be sure to restart your network in this sequence:

  • Turn off and unplug modem.
  • Turn off router and computers.
  • Plug in and turn on modem. Wait 2 minutes for it to connect.
  • Turn on the router and wait 2 minutes for it connect.
  • Turn on computers and rest of network.


If you still want help, can you narrow it down to a few sentences? Preferably without the "noise" about Netgear's crimes against humanity.


What firmware version do you have on the device?

A number is more useful than "the latest". (It may not be by the time people read this.) There can also be newer versions, or "hot fixes", that do not show up if you check for new firmware in the browser interface.

It might also help if you told people what the modem is in front of this router. The model number could be useful. Is it, by any chance, also a router, with a set of LAN ports on the back?

You should know that this community is essentially a user-to-user venue with some input from a small band of Netgear techies.


Most of the answers come from fellow users who have no connection with Netgear. They just have a lot of collective experience and are familiar with the sort of problems that turn up here.


This means that it can take time for a fellow user to spot a message and try to respond.  Posting yet another message every few minutes isn't going to speed things up, especially when it just piles on a load of useless guff.


By the way, talk of being charged for support rings another alarm bell.


Who did you call? If it was one of those sites found with a web search, then there is a high probability that it has nothing to do with Netgear.


Many of those listing are from third-party sites that pay to appear in the search engines. They then create sites that "borrow" the Netgear logo.


Those sites will also appear if you search for other makes of hardware. Using them can be dangerous.


Netgear itself does not provide paid for support. It farms that out to GearHead Technical Support.


GearHead Support


GearHead does not offer a support plan for $100. So heaven knows who you talked to.



Just another user.

My network DM200 -> R7800 -> GS316 -> PL1000 -> Orbi RBR40 -> Orbi RBS50Y -> RBS40V
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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

I am running V1.4.1.42_1.3.4, I have tried stock firmware as well. I flamed Netgear because this isn't the first and probably not the last time I have received poor service. I would never pay for their service due to the last few times contacting them.


I was running a NETGEAR CM1000 but decided to return it back to the store because of my experiences with their support should anything go wrong. I called my ISP and removed that authenticated MAC. I bought an Arris SB8200, have it authenticated to the network. Tested speeds at the modem, they were good. Tested speeds from the router to the modem, they were golden. Wireless clients can't receive those speeds wirelessly. Only through ethernet. 


My 2.4 gets at most 100Mb

My 5 gets at most 300Mb

Wired gets 600+


I appreciate your help though. The support I called WAS NETGEAR their price was $90 for Gearhead.

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

Got the attention of NETGEAR, through hoops of getting through various customer support agents, a nice Tier II agent has assisted me greatly and also thanks to @DexterJB we were able to get an RMA processed through their gracious policies despite being over my warranty period. They overnighted a new R8000P and I wiped and returned the old one. Hooked this one up and tested from modem to router, router to computer, comptuter to router... 

Speeds to ISP are good, modem to router is good, router to clients is still slower than it should be. 

I used a WiFi analyzer and ensure channels were good. I now tested on my 5GHz_2 channel as no other channels for that were in the area but speeds capped at 200-300Mbps, link speed on computer state 780 and I have best -db transmit to the router. I have adjusted all settings as needed to ensure CPU has max performance. Anyone else have any other ideas? Surely I didn't get another router with faulty hardware IF that's the case. I have no other transmitting devices in the house nor neighbors causing issues. My Wireless NIC can handle these speeds, even mobile devices. 


I understand 802.11 has it's downfalls on speed over it's 802.3 brother but there shouldn't be that drastic of a difference. 


I am about to buy a lead box big enough for me, my router and my laptop and test it in a clean and as basic environment as I can lol

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

I solved all my problems with this same issue and more by switching to ASUS. Hope you figure it out
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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

LOL, was it really that easy to fix? You're getting better speeds now? This has to be a firmware issue for sure! I hope they test the one I sent back and find the cause in their binaries. 

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

I went from my R8000 to the RAX120 (another 400.00). Same issue...
Hours on the phone with support... Returned and exchanged for another one..

Same issue

Returned another one blew through 800.00 of Netgear inventory in one day

They don't care

Got a 300.00 ASUS RAX88U

Smooth sailing. Blazing speeds. No drops. Better firmware

Netgear doesn't care anymore. I've called I've chatted I've emailed. No one cares. So I'm done. I will spend thousands over the next few years on ASUS products. And urge friends and family to do the same

Good luck. Netgear only cares about maintaining market share and making money on BS cyber security subscriptions (trend micro and Asus provide for free).

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Re: R8000P Slow WiFi (V1.4.1.42_1.3.4) All previous firmware as well

I have a question...did netgear supprt actually DO anything, or just make you hard reset and turn everything off and on again

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