R8000P Wired Speed Problem


R8000P Wired Speed Problem

I purchased this router in July 2019, and I have been firghting this problem since I got it. I have a 600Mb connection, but the Ethernet switch only gives me 300Mb.


I have tried EVERYTHING - changing every setting, every firmware version back to the initial release, 30-30-30 - EVERYTHING!


The only reliable solution that I have found is to turn on QOS. This gives me 600Mb for two or three days, but then it will revert back to 300Mb. When that happens, I go back in to the attached device list and change the wired priority to Medium, and again get full speed for two or three days. So then I go back in and change it to High, and again have full speed for two or three days. And so on...


Netgear finally released a new firmware update a week or so ago (V1.4.1.50_1.3.10), and I had high hopes for it. It helped with QOS, but did not solve the problem.


I read in another post that it was a Microsoft update problem, but I don't buy it. I believe that it is a bug in Netgear's Dynamic QOS implementation that they can't seem to track down.


The R8000P has the potential to be a superb router. I get world-class wireless performance without issues, but the Ethernet switch problem is wearing me out, so I'm looking around for a new router.




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