Re: R8000P blocking ONE web-site


R8000P blocking ONE web-site

Xfinity internet -- Comcast supplied Cisco router (DPC394T) in BRIDGE-mode

to Nighthawk WiFi router (running latest firmware).


Cannot reach ONE (known) web-site ( via the Nighthawk router -- wifi (latest apple iOS, Safari and Chrome) OR wired (Windows laptops: 10, 7Pro;  IE and Chrome).

This behaviour started out of the blue right before Christmas.  As far as I know, there was nothing done to the environment at this point in time.


I can reach the web-site when my phone is on cellular only.

I can reach the web-site when my phone is connected to other Comcast wifi's (including one of my neighbor's built-in hotspot)

When friends come by I ask they try -- they cannot access when connected to my wifi;  they can reach the log-in page from their systems (also Comcast)  [so far only iOS -- apparently I have no Android friends]

[so the web-site URL is in the clear;  their tech-support reports no changes, and full availability in the recent weeks]


Access to the web-site is OK when Comcast modem/router has bridge-mode disabled [nighthawk router is NOT included in the network]:  both via ethernet and wifi.  
[so the Comcast modem would seen to be in the clear]


Nighthawk MTU setting is already set to 1500.  (this is the thing most conversations in the community recommended to try;  was hopeful this was the answer but it was already set to the highest)



Desired web-site is secured (although I didn't think the log-in page is...), but I access plenty of other secure web-sites and have no problems with those.  (run HTTPS Everywhere in Chrome, but have for quite some time)


I have combed through both the Comcast and Nighthawk devices for blocked addresses/keywords, parental controls -- nothing is set.  Most of these are disabled -- I use a device-resident VPN.


any thoughts/ideas?  

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R8000P blocking ONE web-site

I suspect a setting or firmware change was done around the time that it started to happen?


I'd recommend doing a FACTORY RESET (see your manual for method) and then CHECK using a hard wired PC to see if it works. Then you have a choice if it works, RE-ENTER all settings manually (take screen shots of pages before resetting and save the configuration) and as you do that, test occasionally to make sure one just entered didn't cause a problem. If you are feeling lucky you can load back in a saved configuration but if the configuration was corrupted you'd be right back where you started.


If Factory Reset didn't solve it, I'd get the prior Firmware and install it and MANUALLY reset all settings.

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