R8000P repeated loss of connection (wired and wireless)

I have set up my router according to the guidelines. Used the app the Netgear app to establish connection and to set up my network. When it works, it's great; however, I have dropped connections repeatedly throughout the day. My ISP is connected and there is no loss of connection there. My wired and wireless devices are constantly connected to the router but with NO INTERNET! I have to reset the router multiple times and use the app the 'wake it up.' I will then have internet for a period of time before it is dropped AGAIN! I will get a wi-fi signal with an exclamation point next to it signifying my wireless device is connected, but without internet. I have checked repeated to see if there is a new firmware update but there are none as I am up to date.
Firmware version is: v1.4.1.50
App version is:
Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: R8000P repeated loss of connection (wired and wireless)

It might help if you told people what the modem is in front of this router, if there is one. The model number could be useful. Is it, by any chance, also a router, with a set of LAN ports on the back?

The reason for asking is that a lot of people turn up here trying to put a router behind a modem that is also a router. That can complicate troubleshooting.

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