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R8000P resets to factory settings upon power cycle/outage

Is it normal for the router to reset to factory settings after power outage/cycle?  The older Netgear model this unit replaced NEVER had this issue.  This is an upgrade but requires a ton more work than my old outdated model, it's rediculous.  I must being doing something wrong.


Running lates Firmware V1.4.1.50_1.3.10 as updated just now via the nighthawk app.


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Re: R8000P resets to factory settings upon power cycle/outage

usually a device that's resetting itset after an outage has a few issues it could be.

1. bad/corrupt firmware

2. hardware issue including power supply

3. bug in the firmware. 

here's where I'd start. 

1. Re-install the current firmware that your on. Once its done installing and fully rebooted, factory reset it and do a manual install (not from backup. Reason why is if the firmware was corrupt, a reset only removes settings, it doesn't over write the firmware. 

2. Downgrade the firmware a version. Make sure to do it over a hardwired connection and again factory reset/manual reinstall

3. Buy a backup power suppley (ups). If its happening often enough its causing issues, maybe the power is surging and triggering the reset. 


I'd have to agree with the work assessment. the faster/more features these routers are getting, the more complex and more work they take. 

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