R8500 -- Windows10 often will not autoconnect


R8500 -- Windows10 often will not autoconnect

My wife and I have win10 laptops, very new. One Dell, on Asus.


We both experience that when we boot up or wake up from sleep, our laptops do not connect to the 5g wifi automatically , even though we are set to autoconnect in windows.


We have to manually select Connect (in windows wifi) one to three times to connect.


We do not have this problem on any other wifi hotspot.


This occurs when we are within 8 meters of the R8500 on line of sight.


R8500 is on current firmware, and we do not use mac filtering.


What to do?


(My issue appears similar to:


Model: R8500|Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band AC5300 WiFi Router
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Re: R8500 -- Windows10 often will not autoconnect

My R8500 is running V1.0.2_64 and my Win10 laptop autoconnects after coming out of sleep or rebooting.  There are Win10 reports of such problems for various wifi hotspots, perhaps you can try steps in: or



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