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R8500 parental controls. enable/disable and set levels via attached devices

the reason i went from a WNDR3700v4 to an R8500 and have been using netgear for nearly 20 years at this point!   is because of their excellent use of their opendns parental controls.


meaning when you enable the feature and set it up.  computers on the network cannot bypass the controls by entering manual dns on the system.


i thought and still think this is excellent.


i am however very dissapointed that they in all this time have not updated the firmware webpage configuration page to fully control this feature.


so what they have done is dropped support for the always poorly made Genie app, and NOT taken the ability to enable/disable parental controls or set 'levels' on attached devices in the wepage settings.


you have to use the Genie application to enable/disable the feature overall, and to set the level of any particular machine.  i found this out the hard way (again) when the levels i set magically disapeared yesterday. and i couldn't figure out why my docker running a pia vpn couldn't resolve anything on the pia dns servers thereby breaking my vpn connection and its corresponding proxy.


so then you try to login via the app on your phone and it says you have to use the nighthawk app, so you load that and it doesn't have any useful settings in it.


so you try on your work windows laptop and the Genie app crashes in ~1 min, without function for that minute. 


so i got tried on my macbook pro, and it wasn't working either.  i luckily had a fresh windows i am testing on, and it worked there. but even remembering these settings exist ONLY in Genie is the problem.


can we PLEASE get a FIRMWARE refresh, so we can properly control our routers from the webpage like it should have been all along, and especially since Netgear has dropped support for Genie!!!


pretty please!!!!

Model: R8500|Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band AC5300 WiFi Router
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