R8500 used as a Repeater


R8500 used as a Repeater



I have a the Nighthawk R8500 router that is running the latest firmware and really like it. We live in an RV and I normally plug the park Ethernet, my Nighthawk hot spot or cable modem directly into it if that is an option and all is well. We are heading to a RV park that only offers wifi, so I will be stuck with my hot spot or using their wifi. I am not sure of the proper terminology, but is there a way to configure my router to take their wifi signal and distribute it thru my local network via my R8500? Also lot of RV resorts have very weak wifi signal, so is there any other device or antenna you can recommend to assist me. I would always like to keep my R8500 router as our access point to the network/internet.


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Re: R8500 used as a Repeater

If I understand, you want a wireless bridge.  After doing this, wifi on your router will connect to RV park wifi and provide that to you as ethernet ports on the router.  However, as you say, everything depends upon wifi signal quality.

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Re: R8500 used as a Repeater

"Bridge mode", the link from @duckware, maybe this version will work


What is bridge mode and how do I set it up on my NETGEAR router? | Answer | NETGEAR Support


is a confusing label. People, including Netgear, use it in different ways. Another label for this is Wireless Distribution System (WDS).


I see no sign that the R8500 supports this. It may depend on the firmware version. The source of the wifi also has to play ball.

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Re: R8500 used as a Repeater

"Use the Router in Bridge Mode" from the R8500 manual (with mode labels added; picture will not show until mods approve).  The bridge mode router acts like any other normal wifi client, so nothing special is needed from the router mode router.







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