R9000 Extremely Slow Upload Speeds


R9000 Extremely Slow Upload Speeds

I've been running my R9000 router for over a year and have been very happy with my speed until recently. I was getting around 500 mbs download and 12 upload. A couple weeks ago I was trying to send pics via text and it was taking a long time to upload and ultimately failed to send. I ran a speed test and found that my upload speed was running .4 mbs. I reset the modem and router and did a reset but nothing changed. I had Xfinity come out and check everything. They tested the lines and modem and ultimately traced it to the router. I searched the web and found a few suggestions such as turning off the QoS, factory reset, etc. 


Nothing has corrected the issue. FYI, I also tested it hardwired which gave the same results. 


Looking on the web this seems to be a known issue but doesn't seem to be an available fix. Pretty frustrated to have spent nearly $500 for this thing and can't even send a pic from my phone. 


Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. 

Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R9000 Extremely Slow Upload Speeds

What firmware are you running?

Is it only a single device having issues or all devices?

Does the speed stay the same testing over wireless and wired?

You said you shut of qos and reset the device?

Maybe the newest firmware was corrupt during install. A reset will only erase settings, not reinstall the firmware. Have you tried reinstalling over a hardwired connection and resetting again?

If so and it didn't work, have you tried downgrading the firmware a version and resetting? Maybe the version you're on has a bug with your modem. (which is?)

I know you said xfinity came out and checked the lines but I have some crappy technicians before. Can you post a screen snip of your modem connections page? Also try removing any splitters, attenuators, amplifiers, kinked cables, loose connections. 


Here's your support page with the firmware, manuals, install guides.

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