R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE


R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE

Interesting to see that this has only just been released - already installed and testing..


Fixes the following...


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes security vulnerability issues.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Improves the system stability.
  • Added support for SHA256 certificates in lieu of MD5 for OpenVPN.
  • Supports 802.11k.
  • Supports traffic meter upper bound up to 4095TB.
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Re: R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE

Can you see attached devices? Or security settings? This is using Chrome web browser. This was broken in the last firmware update can you fix it please.

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Re: R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE

anyone else having issues with this latest update ?


Router: R9000
Switch: JetStream T2600G Managed Switch
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Re: R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE

With the small level of functionality that I use from the R9000, not seeing that many issues..


As posted in reply to you in the other thread....


the majority of WiFi issues are fixed - the crashing of the Radio definitely fixed - the reconnects after sleep not so fixed, I'm 99.9% convinced this is 802.11d issues and NetGear are apparently looking into this.


This 802.11d problem is not isolated to just the R9000, but quite a few of the range.


I've had time to test with a cisco 3802i over the past couple of weeks, and the R9000 - when I leave out the command to have 802.11d set to US on the Cisco, then over the 5 days of testing I see the same disconnect pattern from the 3802 as with the R9000, where it won't reconnect 70% of the time when both a Dell and Apple macOS laptop wake from sleep - put the command back in an it behaves 100%.


Without the 802.11d set on the Cisco, both the R9000 and 3802i behave in the same way - think that's pretty conclusive.


so until Netgear add the 802.11d expect disconnects from the majority of their products.

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Re: R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE

Does this firmware fix an issue that when power goes out and everything is back online, it takes over 24 hrs for the wireless speeds to get back in line with what it used to run at? 

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Re: R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE

What wifi issue does this firmware fix? I feel like its about 50-100 mbps slower than what I normally used to pull from wifi devices that stay in the same place. 

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Re: R9000 - Firmware - NEW RELEASE

Am happy to report that V1.0.4.2 is stable. The previous 2 firmware updates crippled my R9000. Glad this one is smooth.

Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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