R9000 and EX7500-100Nas Reboot to much

I've upgrade my Modem to a 3.1 DOCSIS eMTA and purchased a nighthawk mesh extender.

I've had to unplug and reboot almost everyday: Do I need to go into my system and set things up?

I've had my internet provider come out and they could not find anything on there end of course, what do i need to look for in my router and mesh system so I want have to keep rebooting or unplugging the router and modem?

Also If I have to unplug and reboot my router and modem, I also have to unplug my Mesh. 

Please HELP Me Because I dont want to send any more money on support from Gearhead or Geek Squad!

Model: EX7500|AC2200 Nighthawk X4S Tri Band WiFi Mesh Extender, R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R9000 and EX7500-100Nas Reboot to much

Does your ISP provided modem have a built in router? If so have you tried to bridge it or set it to modem only?



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