R9000 hardwired dead


R9000 hardwired dead

im having issues on my Nighthawk X10 AD7200-r9000 i noticed all ports hardwired connection gets disconected after certain hours .all wifi connections are stable  i have to unplug the router to resovle this issue,whic has been very often 2-3x per week please advise...

 Im currently using this -

R9000 Firmware Version

my warranty termed !

please please !!!!!!

Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R9000 hardwired dead

did you do a reset after updating firmware? 

There's an 87 comment thread  that I'll link to with several suggestions that worked for some.


What I'd try though is factory reset the device and start from stock. Don't load a backup configuration but do a manual install. See if this fixes the issue. Its sometimes the simple things that fix problems and we could  troubleshoot for quite a while. 

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Re: R9000 hardwired dead

Do you have an Xbox connnected to a wired Ethernet port? 

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Re: R9000 hardwired dead

no xbox ...3 computers 2 apple tv 2 smat tv

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Re: R9000 hardwired dead

hello again ..i tried everything,i signed up for centurylink fiber optic 1gig speed for $65 for life.

i have a video setup on youtube (note-warning)Im not trying to get views !!! but can someone

tell me if my setup was wrong or anything need to be change and reply here.


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Re: R9000 hardwired dead

ok..i found out the temp is getting high i made a litle expirement,fan is running 24/7 using

9v cellphone power adaptor wala so far so good its been a week now no reseting,rebooting.

Note! do not use the usb to power the fan..the router fan is lack of power fan1.PNGfan2.PNGhot 1_LI.jpgtemp_LI.jpg

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Re: R9000 hardwired dead

Have seen other reports of seeming over heating and a cooling device of some kind fixing issues. Have seen folks using a laptop cooling fan, putting it under the router. Some say the USB will support a fan, other folks say no. 

Netgear may not be providing a big enough heatsink. Have also seen reports of replacing the heatsink grease with a known good brand fixing issues, but that requires taking router apart.

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Re: R9000 hardwired dead

yes..thats a good idea!! but i need to open the router to put more opening slot. and also

i need to change the region is grayout, so i can use the usb port different region,different power settings.please help me to change the region..i need united state  thats why  this machines are failing  lack of powerplease help me to change the region..i need united state thats why this machines are failing lack of power

 order this one $19.99 one day

Laptop Cooling Pad | i-Star USB Gaming Laptop Cooler Stand Up to 15.6” | 5 Fan 2500RPM Adjustable Speed and Tray Height with LCD Display - Blue

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