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R9000 running firmware vote

I am thinking about upgrading from what has been a very stable version  Before I do this I wanted to get a sense for how many people are running, and if some of the issues i have read about are wide spread or just one offs. 


I would appreceate your feed back just as simple as..

1. Good No issues

2. Good (small issues) please eloborate

3. Bad ( Large issues) please eloborate 

4. Hell no stay away!




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Re: R9000 running firmware vote

Only real way is to try in your environment. Everyone has different environment and other issues. 

What does not work for one works great for another. 

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Re: R9000 running firmware vote

When I first got my R9000, it had many dropouts and I was about to return it. After finding this site, I found many others with the same problem, and I joined the Netflix Beta testing group, which was working on the dropout problem. Like you, I found to be fairly stable. Because of the many problems I had with earlier firmware, I was reluctant to put any new firmware on my R9000.


I finally decided to try v1.0.4.34 because of the fixes for security vulnerabilities, and because I didn't see too many problems posted here about that version. I used v1.0.4.34 without any problems. When was released, I held off upgrading because, like you, I am very skeptical of Netgear's firmware. However, because v1.0.5.2 had fixes for security vulnerability issues, and once again, I didn't see an excessive number of complaints, I finally upgraded to v1.0.5.2.


I have been using v1.0.5.2 without any problems. If you didn't have problems with, you probably won't have problems with either. You could always try it, and if you have problems, you could go back to the older version



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