RAX45 doesnt reach 200 mbps on 2.4G


RAX45 doesnt reach 200 mbps on 2.4G

Just got a new RAX45 and like others the 2.4G does not reach 200MBPS (the 5G does reach it)

1. QoS is off

2. Docsis 3.0 modem


I try to use the 5G as much as I can but from time 2 time the connection moves to the 2.4G and its connection speed is a paltry 35-40mpbs


Feedback Appreciated. Thanks

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Re: RAX45 doesnt reach 200 mbps on 2.4G

the 2.4ghz won't reach 200mbps. 

2.4ghz is a slow network that also suffers from more interference that 5ghz. 

the benefit to it is that it broadcasts further and through more materials. But this is also a con as thats what causes increased interference with other 2.4ghz networks. 

You can try optimizing by choosing a wifi channel for the 2.4ghz that is te least used. 

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Re: RAX45 doesnt reach 200 mbps on 2.4G

As @plemans says, you have discovered one of the laws of physics.


It might be worth a bit of background reading.


Understand Wi-Fi 4/5/6 (802.11 n/ac/ad/ax)


@duckware knows their stuff and can bust a few myths and cut through marketing hype.


Speed freaks should go out of their way to use wired connections.


Just another user.

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