RS400 WiFi download bandwidth goes to near zero


RS400 WiFi download bandwidth goes to near zero

I have an RS400 WiFi router that I bought in May, and has been working well up until today. Right now, the WiFi download bandwidth, as measure by Speedtest is about 200Kbs (yes, that's a K, not an M). If I connect the same client to a hard-wired line, rather than the WiFi, I get the expected 600Mbs, so it's not the router's connection to the internet.


WiFi upload bandwidth, also with Speedtest, is the same whether the client is connected via WiFi or hardwired line, at about 5.5 Mbs


Rebooting doesn't solve the problem.


Nothing in the logs to suggest that it found a problem.


Any thoughts on how to debug this?

Model: RS400|Nigthhawk AC2300 Cybersecurity WiFi Router
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