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Random disconnects on R6400V2

After many hours of frustration and trying to fix my router myself, I'm at my wits end and I'm about to throw this thing in the trash but I'm going to post here in desperate hope of finding out what could be wrong with my router.  After having this router for about a year I started having issues where the internet connection completley drops off but all modem and router lights indicate it is still working.  It started after couple firmware updates ago although I can't for sure contribute it to that because the whole problem is a mystery to me.  After experimenting I found that the issue seems to be when certain devices would connect to youtube.  It also did it over and over the other day after trying to activate my HBOGO on my Samsung SmartTV.  I tried switching everyone over to the 5G connection that were on wireless.  So far, I can only think of 3 things that may be causing it.  The usual culprits that caused the connection to crash were my son getting on youtube on his Iphone, the PS4 getting on youtube, and then most recently the smart tv when I tried to activate HBOGO.  It's making me wonder if there is some sort of conflict issue that is confusing the router and stopping the connection somewhere inbetween.  I'm 100% sure it's not the modem that much is sure.  Please if you can help.  I am using V1.0.4.84_10.0.58 firmware.  If you need more info than that please let me know.

Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Random disconnects on R6400V2

Some questions to help diagnoise and then things you can try.

1. What modem are you connected to? (model number)

2. Is it only happening on wireless or is it happening to hardwired devices to?

3. If you remove the router and connect directly to the modem, does everything work fine?

4. You put the firmware on here, great work. by chance have you reset the router recently at all? Sometimes firmware can cause issues and if you developed the problem after updating, a reset can sometimes fix firmware issues.


A couple things you can try.

1. if its specific websites causing issues, try changing your dns provider. You can try googles at or  or cloudfares on

2. have you enabled/disabled ipv6 on your router? 

3. Are you using any parental controls/armor/disney circle? 

4. Is your modem a combo device (why I asked model number)? If it is, you could be in a double nat which can cause many issues. 




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Re: Random disconnects on R6400V2

Well I tried something that I had a feeling about and rolled the firmware back to initial release. BOOM the problem went away.  The modem is a stand alone modem and I've had two different ones, one being an ARRIS surfboard (can't find it atm) and one provided by spectrum called a technicolor model number DC2916. Ever since rolling back to initial release I've had not one disconnect and I've tried all the usual methods to get it to DC.  I'll let you know if things change, I'm probably still going to get a Netgear Pro Gaming XR300 this week and keep this one as a backup. Thank you for your reply.


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