ReadySHARE with V1.0.9.88_10.2.88


ReadySHARE with V1.0.9.88_10.2.88

I just upgrade to V1.0.9.88_10.2.88 on my R7000 and for some reason the USB Storage that has always been accessible cannot be accessed on certain devices.


It started off after the upgrade, the router wouldn't recognize that there's a Storage Device plugged into it. I unplugged then replugged the USB and it instantly recognized it. Now I can access the files through my Note 8 and laptops, however, I cannot access them through my Sony TV Media Player app nor through PS4 Media Player app.


Is there a known problem with the current version? Let me know what other information you need.



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Re: ReadySHARE with V1.0.9.88_10.2.88

Have you tried to revert the firmware back to see if that function starts working again?



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