Readynas 524x 3 unknown ip's connected, Always Running, always Hot & Memory upgrade


Readynas 524x 3 unknown ip's connected, Always Running, always Hot & Memory upgrade

I have a few questions I have looked but so far I don’t know that I have a good answer yet.  I would very much appreciate some advice.  I have a ReadyNas 524x configured as follows: Ports 7 & 8 are connected to a R9000 Lan ports 1 & 2  & 4 WD 101KRYZ 10tb Hdd setup as Raid 5 X-Raid. Firmware 6.10.5 hotfix 1


  1. In the Admin Page System, Log’s connections I have 3 connections that I have no idea who it is.   But it concerns me as I don’t have any off-location connections using my Readynas.   Is this a common connection and what is its purpose or am I hacked?

It shows the following information

USER                    Protocol           Hosts

Root                      Misc.     

Root                      Misc      

Root                      Misc.     


 2.  Under very low if any load almost no use  the the CPU is  162 ⁰F  & system 97⁰F and that is with  the front door open and the fan set to cool (2860 RPM)  the drives are as follows Disk 1 91⁰F, disk 2,3 & 4 are at 89⁰F  is this normal if not what can I do to reduce the Temp?


3.   It has 1 memory chip installed 4gb  I have read  that you can upgrade to 32gb but what type should I use? And or where to get them?   I currently have 1 4g Transcend memory chip installed.  How much memory would be best and if possible what brand and part number


4.  With nothing I am aware of in our home connected the ReadyNas seems to be running at full speed what causes this and is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?


Thank you very much for everyone’s input in advance.

Model: RN524X|ReadyNAS 524X – Premium Performance Data Storage - 4-Bay
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