Refurbished router


Refurbished router

I went to register my router and now it won’t let me. It has me on a recovery password link but won’t process anything past that.
Model: R6900|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Refurbished router

Did Netgear provide the router?  Normally their warranty is not transferrable, and they don't provide support for used equipment.  Therefore they don't allow you to register used equipment.


Though the password recovery is for something else.  Did you try resetting the router, and trying again?


BTW, I am moving this to the router forum.

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Re: Refurbished router

Not really true. I have a refurbished Arlo camera and base that were refurbished. Could not register or get to work correctly. The tech person cleared the old registration info and now I have the cameras and base registered. 

This may not hold true to reouters, but suspect you need to get lucky and get the right rep. First one did not have a  clue when I was trying to register the arlo base but second one had no issue with clearing the old info and correcting. 

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