Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list


Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list

Long Story short -- I have had have to Factory reset my R8000P Nighthawk Router (several times over the last couple of weeks due to Xfinity service  reconfigurations / fixing storm damage/ etc) 

Now it the R8000P is working better, recognizing my proper speed tier of service, etc. 


But in the Attached Devices list, 

1> there are still some OLD devices that we don't even have in the house anymore (have been removed over 6 months ago)

2> it has DUPLICATE of some existing devices (ie, my Desktop WIRED  is listed twice) with 2 different IP addresses. 

3> It has some devices listed that I can't figure out which they are (ie, I know my kids chromebooks are listed, but I can't figure which is which) 


How do I remove the old items and remove the duplicate Desktop entry ?? 

Thank you 

(I am on Firmware version V1.4.1.50_1.3.10) 


Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list



The best option is to just update the firmware manually to the latest version .62.  Just navigate to the support page for the R8000P and manually download the latest firmware.  Then you should unzip it.  Finally log into your router and select the advanced tab.  Then go down to administration and at the bottom of that list is the router update section.  In the dialog box you should point the webpage interface to the .chk file that you unzipped from the router firmware support page on Netgear.  That should wipe out your attached devices and refresh them.  I know it's annoying. 



There is another way in which you have to block the old / wrong ip address device(s) using access control.  So yes, you would have to turn on access control and then block the old devices.  Then hit the arrow on the blocked devices section at the bottom of the page and remove it from the blocked devices list at the bottom of the attached devices page.  After you've done that for all devices that are on the wrong ip address, duplicates or no longer in use at your residence all that should be left are devices that are actually connected to your network.  Then you can turn off access control and check the attached devices page again.  That should do the trick.  I learned this through trial and error, but it does work to get the attached devices page as accurate as possible.


Honestly, I wish Netgear would get that functionality 100% locked in, but this is where we are at today.


Reply and let me know if this addresses your issues...

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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list


Devices are BLOCKED -- I have had this on since the day I removed the items -- 

thinking they would eventually disappear. 

I hae spent approximately 4 hours today -- 


 I have done all of the above -- 

 Downloaded new firmware, unzipped, went to admin page - uploaded - let it run -- 

Message back - Successful. 

  rebooted computer (ethernet wired to R8000P) - 

  rebooted R8000P -- 

Same version of firmware.  (firmware not updating is a whole different issue) 


 Repeat above several times -- then did below 2-3 times --  

Unplugged R8000P for 10 minutes. 

plugged in, let it all boot back up - 

- run manual upload of firmware - 

Successful message -- turn off/unplug router. Shut down boot up PC. Turn on router- Same result. 


Next -- FACTORY RESET -- R8000P 

I manuall re-entered all my network settings, configurations. etc.... 

Still same old firmware -- 

ALL Devices still in Attached Device list -- 


What else is there ? 






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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list

Ok @dpesc, I may have omitted a step in my previous procedure.  Apologies for that as I wrote this from memory.


Here's what to do....and make sure you are hardwired into the router.


Once you get to the step where you turn on access control and block the device you have to go down to the arrow that says blocked devices not on my network and add the mac address of the device that you no longer need on your network. You may have to add the exact same device name as it shows in the attached devices tab too, not 100% sure on that. It will say an error message that the device mac address is a duplicate.  Don't worry about that, as your blocked device should show up in the list that says  blocked devices not currently connected to the network.  If it doesn't do a soft reboot of your router and try again.  At that point you can remove the device from that list.  Then turn off access control and go back to the basic tab in the routers settings and check attached devices again.  It should be gone at that point.  I just did it myself.  Please let me know if you are still encountering issues.


Again, apologies for the missed step in the procedure.  I did this so long ago that I forgot that step.  Don't give up, this should work now.


Please keep me posted!!!

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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list



Update #2:  You need to do a soft reboot x2  after your devices are no longer in your attached devices list.  The NAT kernell in the Nighthawk X6S firmware is spotty at best so it doesn't correctly populate the attached devices list with unique IP address unless you do a soft reboot x2.  Until you do that you will see devices with duplicate internal IP addresses or incorrect internal IP addresses.  Sorry, but this time I wanted to be EXTRA THOROUGH on all the details...


Don't give up just yet...this is confirmed on my end....I just tried it again!!  Now each device on my network has its own unique internal IP address and it's correct on each device.


Please reach out if you have any questions.


I will write out a consolidated and correct procedure for everyone so that they can do this.  I know it's an annoying problem and it took me about 3-4 hours of trial and error to get the correct results.  Honestly, Netgear should just fix the Linux kernell that controls the NAT and we would be all good.  I should only have to hit refresh to get accurate internal IP address results for this's expensive enough....ok I'm done with my soapbox....

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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list

Full Procedure for Fixing the Attached Devices List on R8000P.


If you are like me and you hate how inaccurate the Attached Devices List is on these routers then this is for you.  This procedure will allow you to get an accurate Attached Devices List.  You won't see inaccurate IP addresses or duplicate IP addresses if you follow these step by step instructions....



  1. Make sure you are hardwired into the R8000P Router via ethernet
  2. Login to your router and go to attached devices
  3. Locate a device that is no longer on your network, or that has the incorrect IP address or that has a duplicate IP address
  4. turn on Access Control
  5. block all of the incorrect devices in Access Control
  6. Make sure that you do NOT block the IP address of the computer that you are using to interface with the router
  7. At the bottom of the Access Control webpage there's an arrow that says Blocked Devices Not on My Network and expand that arrow
  8. Copy and paste the MAC address of each device that is wrong, based on your observations of the Attached Devices List.  You have to do this one at a time.  Each time you do it, it will say, Duplicate MAC Address and ask you to wait about 10 seconds to return you to the previous page
  9. Now all of your blocked devices should show up under the arrow, Blocked Devices Not on My Network.  If they don't do a soft reset of your router (via Advanced Tab -->  Reboot Device) and then navigate back to that area of the router control settings.
  10. Next, select all of the undesirable devices in the Blocked Devices Not on My Network and select delete
  11. You can then turn off Access Control
  12. Navigate back towards the Attached Devices section of your router and notice that some things may have changed.  However you are stil probably showing the incorrect IP addresses for the devices that should be connected to your network.  Some of the old devices that are no longer on your network may be gone.
  13. This is not the end however, you need to do another couple of soft restarts of your router to get the Attached Devices List correctly populated.
  14. After 2x soft restarts of your router, your Attached Devices Tab should be correctly populated.

I hope this detailed and consolidated procedure works for you as it did for me.  It took me about 3-4 hours of trial and error to get this to work correctly.  Please let me know if I should make any tweaks to this procedure to get it more accurate for you.  I know there's a lot of steps and it sucks somewhat...but there is a solution.

Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list

Going to try this later tonight - whether it works or not, thanks for taking the time to document this for all of us!

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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list

It worked! You're a genius. Thanks for solving one of my pet peeves Smiley Happy

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Re: Remove old devices from R8000P attached devices list



The latest firmware seems to really take care of the problem of the Attached Devices List.  I think my procedure is obsolete given that the new firmware seems to be pretty accurate and updates automatically with the Attached Devices List.


The latest firmware is  I really like this firmware.  However, many folks are reporting that they can't update to this and the previous version of firmware from their baseline.  It's an on going issue with Netgear.  However, I'm happy with everything's all working nominally.

Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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