Re: Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router


Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router

Firmware, which is the most recent.  I request:

1) Change the user interface.  Now you logon to the router.  At the home screen, you click on "Attached Devices".  It then shows 2 devices per screen.  I would like a list view or more space on the screen devoted to devices.  And show the Mac ID. Yes, you can get a list view by (from the Home Page) clicking the "Advanced Tab", then "Security", then "Access control."  Problem with the original view is that it does not show the Mac ID.  You must click the device.  This makes it hard to solve problems when you only have the Mac ID of the offending device.

2) Identifying devices on your network is key.  At the home screen, you click on "Attached Devices".  Click on a device, change the name, change the Device Type and click Apply when done.  Later, I go back in and many, but not all of the time, that device is now "unknown" for name and type.  Only way I have found to, for sure, make it remember the device is to click the "Advanced" tab, then "Security", then "Access Control".  Then turn on Access Control but allow new devices to connect.  Once I have done this, I can name the device and name the device type in this screen.  My request here is to make it easier to save and stay saved from the "Attached Devices" screen.

3) I find the device type to be very useful.  I wish this were expanded.  At a minimum, I would like you to add Roku, Amazon Echo and Thermostat as types. I understand that  you couldn't possibly anticipate all devices that everyone could have but how difficult would it be to expand that list by 20 more types?  Can I sort network devices by type so I can see info on that specific type?

4)  Upon reboot of the router (which is a rare thing), the router cannot find the internet, unless I physically unplug and replug my WAN/ISP cable. This is most of the time.  Some times it works without unplugging and replugging.  I have changed the cable.  I have rebooted the cable modem.  These do not fix the problem.  Something in the startup sequence does not find the WAN port.  Please fix.

5) After the warranty period, a firmware upgrade began the process of disconnecting wifi devices randomly.  The user forums had a number of posts on this with suggested fixes including 3rd party firmware.  What I did to fix this is that I turned off many of the advanced features of this router.  I did this until the platform was stable.  Has this been fixed in a firmware upgrade or at least identified?


Those are my requests.  Thank you. 

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router

Keep on dreaming. This is a community forum and no NG engineers read it to notice your requests. And even if they do, it's unlikely they'll do what you ask

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Re: Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router

I absolutely agree with your assessment. Most community forums have some employee who monitors and gives suggestions to those elusive engineers.   If Netgear does not, shame on them. And at least I can say that I communicated my problems instead of just going to another manufacturer.  A few of my recommendations are easy to see if you logon.  Some, such as the dropping wifi users are easy to find on the forum.  None of my suggestions should be a surprise to anyone who works regularly with the R7800.  

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router

@OhBeWanI completely agree with you on your #1. And that used to function perfectly. It wasn't until recently that the routers started randomly losing configured and saved records on the regular Attached Devices tab. At one time I had every device correectly named, correct device type. Several firmware updates back, both routers started losing the information.

Agree with your #2 & #3 too. You are more optimistic that Netgear will listen to feature requests than I am 🙂


I can confirm your #4 and #5 as well. I don't reboot very often, but it's not 'fire and forget' like it used to be. I have to stay and watch it, make sure things go well. I have a bunch of security cameras and detectors now that get extremely finnicky if I don't keep them connected and talking to their storage.


Here's hoping they answer your #5. Annoying to lose working features because a feature was not fully tested.

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Re: Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router

Just upgraded to v80.  Did not fix the problem where I must disconnect then reconnect the cable in the WAN port for the router to find it has internet.  

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Re: Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router

There's a separate place for user requests and suggestions.


Idea Exchange For Home - NETGEAR Communities


Just another user with a set of boilerplate macros.

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Re: Requests for firmware changes on R7800 Router

Thanks.  Copied there. 

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