Returned AC2300 for the X6 R8000 and still having problems


Returned AC2300 for the X6 R8000 and still having problems

So frustrated... I had the AC2300 but returned it because my WiFi was slow and Internet speeds were ~20% of what they should be plus i kept dropping my Internet connection. Well, brand new X6 R8000 and im having the same problems. I had an Asus RT-N66TU that had no issues, other than the power connector broke, so i had to replace it. 

My Internet connection is FIOS 1Gb.  When i plug a laptop into the line out of the ONT (I-211M-L) i get ~950 up/down.  Right now my latest wired speed test through the router is 250 down and 280 up.  We also lose internet every single night twice at ~7pm and again at 7:45 and again every morning at ~6am.


All the logs say is "[Internet disconnected] Tuesday, Oct 06,2020 20:37:12"


Are these routers simply flawed?  I upgraded to the 1Gb connection and the $300 router because there are 2 of us working and a kid inschool.  The kid gets 2mbps down and 171kbps up on his Playstation.  The signal strength is excellent everywhere.

I am on V1.0.4.58_10.1.72, no Qos, no traffic meter, ipv6 disabled.  WiFi is using Smart Connect.  Ive changed the MTU sizes, fragments etc.... I dont know what else to do.  Their support had no answers for the AC2300 so im not confident they will for this either.

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Re: Returned AC2300 for the X6 R8000 and still having problems

Id also like to add that a file transfer from my NAS to my AC Wireless Gaming PC traversed my home networ at ~3Mbps/s. A 2.8Gb file took 8+ minutes i believe?

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Re: Returned AC2300 for the X6 R8000 and still having problems

I have the same router and firmware V1.0.4.62_10.1.74.


I have had this sort of issue for the past year and half or so of firmare updates from the 1.0.3 versions and on. Router loses 5g every now and then, have to reboot router. Over 4-6 months the router will reduce speeds to 25% and stay until factory reset where speeds regain to full available. I have 200Mbps Fiber and was getting 25Mbps speed on all devices even hard wired. Reset router to factory and immediately got 200Mbps first speed test. Updated firmware of router to the latest last week thinking it would fix 5g and still having issues with 5g dropping out. It also happens around the same time as you described EVERY NIGHT and or morning. Reboot router and good to go. I have set QOS and routed laptops/tv to highest priority and still get the 5g dropouts almost daily. I have noticed since the firmware update that immediately AFTER streaming 4k or high data consumption I lose 5g. Literally like I finish a HD movie and literlaly within a minute after it stops streaming I lose 5G. This has happened since the prior "hotfix". 


I really wish either this sould be resolved or netgear would implement scheduled router rebooting so that I would know it is starting fresh every afternoon or morning.  I have the ASUS Gaming version of this router at the office and it has been running and well abused by 200 + devices for over year and half with not a single issue ever. Getting to the end of my days with Netgear. I might just go buy the Asus one since it seems it is a higher build quality than the Netgear one even though its literally almost the same router internally. 

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