Router Mode - internet access from another router


Router Mode - internet access from another router



We are in the Computer Audio Manufacturing business and are looking at including the R7000 for installation along with one our computer based products.

We need a strong 5GHz wifi signal that is used just for our product and good network connection for our product to function consistently. This is the reason we are planning on including the R7000.


We want to obtain the internet connection from the customers LAN. We want to have two options for doing this:


1) If the customer has a wifi already present on his LAN we would like to find some type of Wifi to Ethernet adaptor. My assumption is the Ethernet connection on the WiFi to Ethernet adaptor would connect to the yellow R7000 internet connection. Does Netgear make a Wifi to Ethernet adaptor?


2) If that is not possible we would then look at using one of the Netgear Mains Powerline Networking devices. Again, I would assume the Ethernet Connection on the Powerline device would connect to the yellow R7000 internet connection?


I am a bit confused about this setup. In this setup there will be two routers and they will both act as DHCP servers, meaning that any PC/tablet etc that connects to them over wifi or Ethernet will be given a dynamic IP address. I'm not sure what will happen when you introduce a wifi to Ethernet adaptor (like an Airport Express) and essentially join the two networks together.  At that point, the devices in the customer's network may be able to see the R7000, and the devices in our computer based products network will be able to see the customer's router, so which one do they take their IP address from?


Or does putting the R7000 into "Router Mode" take care of this issue?


I aslo want our computer based product to been seen by anyone on the customers LAN.


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Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Router Mode - internet access from another router

Hi computeraudio,


You may check the WNCE3001 and WNCE4001. These are wifi adapters that has ethernet ports. You may expect a slower connection speed compared to a normal direct connection since this is via wireless connection. This is the same with powerline connection. It is possible to use it to connect the R7000 but expect a slower connection depends on the distance from the 1st powerline to 2nd powerline adapter.

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Re: Router Mode - internet access from another router

Hi computeraudio,


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