Router Nighthawk7000


Router Nighthawk7000

Bought 3/1/21 - installed 3/6/21 - bought defender 4/13/21 (appx).   Registed 1st case 4/13/21 Intermittent disconnect with wireless & wired computers.  We have gigablast - 1 computer was only able to get 350 up/down - even with direct connect to router. . He suggested to send back .. but i figured.. new router.. probably cable company issue.. Cable provider replaced wires, modem, several service calls to ensure THEY were not the issue.. Well. our 90 period elapsed during all this BS ruling out things with cable co.  Last Cable call replaced the gigablast wire, tuned modem  --  within 1 hour, the NH7000 began disconnecting again. Put the old NetGear1900 back on -- working like charm for past 12 days.. low speed computer now 900-950 up/down...Called tech support today - standard out of 90 day period.. blah blah.. Spent over 2 hours on the phone..They had me climb UP and reconnect direct to NH7000 to computer --then they DC...Called back...MORE time on phone.. they had me change some numbers to router - phone 'DC' again......  I asked to send the router back for them to test & see the problem themselves, then send replacement IF they found problem.. and the answer was .. sorry no can do.  I am 66 flippin years old.. climbing up down, under desks.. is not fun !! so.. needless to say... I now have a $ 169 piece of 'art work'...   and TERRIBLY bad taste for NetGear.    I write this to help others avoid the problem -- stay in your '90 days'.. if they offer to send back   DO IT.         I wish there was a place I could put  FIVE thumbs down to show how very very disappointed I am with their support

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