Router R7000 or AccessPont EX6150 ???


Router R7000 or AccessPont EX6150 ???



i currently have a DSL account at UnityMedia in south germany. There is already a router with integrated cable modem installed.

It's a Ubee EVW3226. This router also has a WLAN module built in.

Now i would like to enlarge my wifi net. As far as i know i could use either a NetGear EX6150, an Access Point to add dual frequency support. (The Ubee box can only handle 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz) OR a Nighthawk R7000 which seems to have a better wifi performance due to the Beamforming+ feature. Also in the specs is written that the R7000 has a feature: 

  • Simple and fast upgrade of an existing Wifi network even if an installed modemrouter of the provider is installed.
    (The original german text: Einfaches und schnelles Upgrade Ihres WLANs auch bei vorhandenem Modemrouter Ihres Providers).

This would be exaclty that i am looking for. If i have it unterstand correctly ;-)


So my questipn is:

Can i set up the R7000 for a wifi network which has already a (provider) router installed?

How to do this? Do i have to configure the R7000 as an AccessPoint?

Do you think that this (R7000) configuration would be oversized)

Would you rather suggest an EX6150 for enlarging the network?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Regards Andreas

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Router R7000 or AccessPont EX6150 ???

You can configure an R7000 as an Access Point - connect the R7000 to your ISP router, using an Ethernet cable. Let your ISP router be your DHCP Server. 


R7000 Manual - Page 112.

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