Router Will Not Allow Adding Devices


Router Will Not Allow Adding Devices


This is an issue I had with my original one, plus the one that was replaced.

Issue: I am unable to add beyond a certain number (seems like around 50) devices to Access Control before it will NOT allow me to save a new one

1. Access Control On
2. No new devices without being allowed
3. DHCP Off (as I have my own network DHCP server)

The problem is that after around 50 devices, the system will not allow me to add any new devices. I have to constantly remove / add and this is ridiculous

I haven't seen any documentation that say there is some limit, so my assumption is it's a problem in the router (which I have sent in a bug about before but received no response)

1) Is anyone else facing this?
2) Netgear can you please provide a fix or a detail about this, as my house has a lot of devices and I have no way to add them (or when new people come over to visit) without constantly removing something.

Please help

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