Router causing feedback?


Router causing feedback?

I spoke with a Cableone representative because I thought my internet was down.  He had me unplug my Netgear router and plug my laptop into the modem.  Once the router was detached the modem came back online and worked perfectly.  We performed this test twice and both times, connecting the router resulted end the modem being inactivated or "going offline." The Cableone rep said some routers can cause feedback which causes the modem to go ofline.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


The modem is 2-3 months old and does work but occasionally the above listed issue occurs terminating all wifi access in the house.



Model: R6900|Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Router causing feedback?

Never heard the term Feedback regarding a router.


Push the reset button until the power led flashes this will reset it to defaults ...same problem contact support

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Re: Router causing feedback?



I Googled "router forces modem offline" and there are a few posts on this. Not alot but some.


Seems there are 3 possible reasons from briefly reading some:


  1. Router too close to Modem or cable and RF interference can cause the modem to shutdown.
  2. WPS on the Router is on and flooding the modem ??? Hard to imagine?
  3. Router is infected and flooding the modem with requests. Rare I'd say though.

#1 is probably the most likely, but Google it and read them, one might help you.

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