Router configuration and firmware for 4K streaming


Router configuration and firmware for 4K streaming

I am in need of assistance with my setup.  I have the Nighthawk R7000 router with a Gb fiber internet.  The internet is running from the cable companies switch (their switch has cable coming in, one to the DVR, and 1 to my router) into my router.  I have a 4K Samsung TV with a Denon Heos Soundbar.  The TV is connected directly to the router on a Cat5 cable that runs to the Samsung Hub with the TV (HDMI running to soundbar and connected back to TV hub via ARC connection - not sure if this matters or not.)

On the router i have the following items connected:

 - TV

 - Office hard line

 - Cable running to a switch where I have a cloud drive, Smartthings hub and an open port

 - Apple TV


I have the following devices connected to the wireless:

- 2 Mac's

- 1 Windows PC

- 2 iPhones

- 3 iPads

- 1 Samsung Tablet

- Security Camera

- Security Door lock

 - Security doorbell

- Soundbar was setup on WiFI via 1 of the iPhones

I will soon hook up 2 Nest Thermastats and a Samsung Smartthings Hub, Chamberlain myQ and Echo Dot


I have the router to auto select the 2.4 or 5 automatically (I have heard to select my own devices on 2.4 or 5 and I've heard it shouldnt matter.)  I currently have firmware version V1.0.7.6_1.1.99. (Router is setup to auto update firmware.) I have download QoS setup for streaming devices such as the Smart TV, Apple TV, Netflix and Amazon.  


When Fiber was first installed, the router had to be factory reseted as I couldn't find my admin password.  After setup, the 4K streaming worked fine until a few days.  I recently noticed that when 4K streaming, the stream will be jumpy and sometimes even pause which shouldn't occur on a Fiber connection.  


The cable company came out today and their speed test when directly hooked to their switch was 900 down and up (roughly.) Mine connected via wirelessly was 84.5 down and 376 up. (Current Apple TV is being utilized for streaming but i should still get more down and up.)  


I am hoping someone can help me correct my setup or point me in a direction that i can go to be able to utilize the fiber network i have with the 4K features available.  

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Router configuration and firmware for 4K streaming

Don't use Smart Connect.  Instead, use 5 GHz whenever possible.  In my experience, it's always faster than 2.4 GHz unless it literally can't connect.


Disable Downstream QoS.  You don't need it with a Gigabit speed Internet connection.  Besides, it disables hardware acceleration and will limit the top speed of the router to around 450 Mbps.  You may need to reboot your router in order for hardware acceleration to re-enable itself.

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