Re: Router forgets correct password? maybe? Nighthawk X6 R7850


Router forgets correct password? maybe?

Some of my devices are 2.5 only so router is set up with independent wifi networks. Randomly it will drop wifi, usually first noticed on phones, and when we try to log back in it gives wrong password error. On occaisons I remember checking hardware it had also dropped computer.

Resolution has been to reboot router which always works. But this happening from every few days to multiple times per day is PIA. And have learned some things such as NEST thermostats do not auto reconnect.

This has been from new and it is about 14 mos. old.

Things that have changed in that time and might be ruled out:

New batteries in APC and added battery pack.

New MODEM while on Comcast.

MOVED! Utilities are underground and lighting never even dims or blinks. Internet is now provided by Hargray and their MODEM.

It does not seem to be load dependent or maybe even the opposite since I don't recall it ever happening while streaming regular or HD video. According to NEST it went offline ~5 this morning.

How does the router forget password?

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Re: Router forgets correct password? maybe? Nighthawk X6 R7850

Nighthawk X6 R7850 

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