Router not reaching speed my ISP provides


Router not reaching speed my ISP provides

My ISP came today because my speed was slow, I am supposed to get 150 megabits but I was at 96 or so. The tech switched my connection directly into the new modem (Shaw Cable) and that way I even surpass the 150 megabits speed. So my question is why my R8000 router is not reaching that speed? All my house network cables are Cat5 and the work fine since now my PC is connected hardwired to the Shaw modem since it has 2 ports, the other port I am using it for the Net GEar R8000 rounter. I can wifi to it and works fine, just my hardwire connections are not reaching it's full speed potential. My Router has the current firmware updates and so is my PC Any ideas what do I need to change?

Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S—AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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Re: Router not reaching speed my ISP provides

Check your Ethernet cables. To attain speeds faster than 100 Mbps requires that all four pairs of wires inside the cable to be in working order. On the other hand, 100 Mbps Ethernet uses only two pairs of wires.

I would also consider a factory reset of the R8000 in case a setting from the prior version of firmware is interfering with the operation of the router. This is unlikely to be the case but inter-firmware compatibility issues have been known to occur. Or something like QoS could be enabled and improperly throttling your bandwidth.

I would log into the R8000 setup and confirm that the Ethernet ports are running at 1000 Mbps. There's a View Statistics page under Advanced Settings where the port speeds are listed.

Alternatively, you can check the port speed on the PC. On Windows it will be shown on the network adapter status page.
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