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Currently I am trying to configure my brother router nighthawk X6 R8000 , I did rest and it did as manual said flashing all light and reboot , browse , asked for password ( used the default admin and password ) then next page is question which I don’t know the answer , obviously and my brother can’t remeber , currently I can’t access the WiFi or the setup page ,
I read many people get stuck in recovery mode as no one knows the answers for none sense questions , please someone give me solid solution , many rest did not wipe the whole configuration and recovery question never went away .

Your response will be much appreciated as I am not using my home internet and using my 4g Mobile instead , My first experience with Netgear and hope will be good , I used Linksys and tplibk as well dlink ( rest button always do the job from first time )

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: - constant password recovery

Some older Nightawk models and firmware send the user to the password recovery questions - even if never configured before - after entering a username and specifically an invalid password.


What's wrong with doing a complete factory reset - are there potentially access credentials and tunneling config (ie. PPPoE) stored for the ISP access?

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Re: - constant password recovery

Thank you for assisting me , how I can do Full factory rest , I used paper clip and pressed the rest Botton in the back on the router for 10 Second till it’s blank and rebooted .
How to do it as I have nothing to worry about now except to setup it from beginning with WiFi credential and security .

Is there any way to upgrade firmware without accessing the router ( setup page )

When I restart the router , Netgear 5g guest appear fo 1 min and then disappear!!!!

Really wish I can solve it and access internet at home Instead or using my mobile like ice age .

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Re: - constant password recovery

After the factory reset you will need to configure the router again you will want to connect a PC via ethernet cord to the router and then go to then enter admin/password to log into the unit there you can rename the wireless and give it the password you are wanting. Also you can upgraded the firmware.



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