SOLVED Wireless is OFF and refuses to turn back on


SOLVED Wireless is OFF and refuses to turn back on

I had this problem and here is how I solved it just in case someone else encounteres this same problem.

I have a NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 I bought a year or two ago.

All of a sudden this morning, the wifi stopped working. I logged into the web interface to the router and on the Home page I see:

Clicking on that link, I see this now:

That puzzles me. I would have thought I would have seen some page that has the SSID names but that is not what is shown.

Clicking Apply and waiting eons for it to apply (Umm really? Why does that always take so long even for small changes?) and clicking on the Home page again shows the OFF image above.

I'm using stock firmware all the time only. This problem showed up before upgrading the firmware. The current firmware is:


I've pulled the plug, waited for 10 seconds, and plugged it back in and that did not work.

I've tried changing the "Enable Wireless Router Radio" check boxes from checked to unchecked (both for 2.4GHz b/g/n and 5GHz a/n/ac sections), hit apply, then changed it back to checked, hit apply, and again I see the OFF status in the Home page.

I noticed the "In auto disabled mode, router's WPS LED will keep blinking slowly" in the middle of the page of the last image above, and looked on the front case of the router and did not find a WPS LED labelled as such. So I unchecked the setting for "To prevent PIN compromise, auto disable the PIN after X failed PIN connections, until router reboots." and updated again and it still shows off. I then rebooted the router by turning it off and back on again. And that did not help.

So I saved the full settings to a .cfg file, reset back to factory defaults. This time when I looked at BASIC / Wireless I see what I expected to see which is different, and I don't know why:

And I was able to connect up the wireless. So I then restored the .cfg file and I saw the Wireless OFF message again on the Home screen.

I now have to put in all of my information but taking a horrendous set of screenshots, and typing in the information all over again. and many screens force this very painful wait to update (not all of them but many of them).

But after re-inputing all of my information, the wireless networking is now working.

This is really not worth the time and frustration I had to spend on getting this to function properly.
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Re: SOLVED Wireless is OFF and refuses to turn back on

Sounds like some of the advice, and what worked for me when I had weird behavior, of resetting to factory defaults and re-configuring has some credibility.
Perhaps there was some sort of corruption or left over data in the NVRAM that confused the router behavior. This was saved and restored even with the backup to .cfg file.
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