Separate DNS & DHCP for IPV4 and IPv6


Separate DNS & DHCP for IPV4 and IPv6

I have an R7000 running V1.0.4.18_1.1.52 as my main router and a Linksys E3000 running DD-WRT vpnkong - build 22000M as my wireless AP.

I am using the E3000 as my primary DHCP for IPv4, but would like to use the R7000 for handling IPv6. So I have the DHCP disabled on the R7000, but I have IPv6 enabled.

All my IPv4 is working, but my IPv6 is not working. If I used the R7000 for both IPv4 and IPv6, everything works fine.

Can some suggests what I need to do to have my DD-WRT router handle the IPv4 DHCP & DNS, but have the R7000 handle the IPv6 DHCP & DNS?
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R7000 - AC1900 Nighthawk

It turned out I had to specify my ISP DNS servers instead a third party DNS sever to handle non-local domains for IPv6 to work.

What is the difference between the DNS settings on Internet Setup vs the DNS settings under IPv6 setup? I assume the first handles IPv4 and the second handles IPv6.

If my local DNS is running only IPv4 (hence no IPv6 address), how do I specify it as the primary DNS in the IPv6 setup since I have to use a IPv6 address?

I noticed that my Windows machine are using IPv6 DNS over the IPv4 DNS if I enable IPv6 on the router. So my non SMB hosts names are not resolving because the IPv6 DNS settings are defaulted to my ISP's DNS.
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