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Shchedule Restarts

Can you program automatic maintenance restarts for the router?


Never got the "yes or no" answer.


I know it can be done on others, Belkins, for instance.


I've gone through all the menues, but didn't see the option; I'm thinking "no"?

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Shchedule Restarts



What are you trying to accomplish?  Rebooting a router can cause more trouble than it's worth.  For example, non-reserved DHCP address assignments will be invalidated after a reboot and this could lead to IP address conflicts.

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Re: Shchedule Restarts

A maintenance reatart; resets radios and IP's. There should be a way to reserve IP's - to ensure devices get the same IP. Also when the router restarts, IP's should be reissued to avoid conflicts. So, worst case scenario for automatic resets SHOULD be service interruption? Best case is resetting any errors that occure over time?
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Re: Shchedule Restarts

Radios and IP addresses should never need to be reset.   A router should never need to be rebooted.  Other brands may have support for scheduled reboots, but they would never advertise that as a feature.  My R7000 has been up for months at a time without any issues.  No memory leaks, no errors and no slowdowns.  


Worst case, maintenance restarts will case wreak havoc on your network and force you to reboot your devices.  Yes, you can use IP address reservations to avoid address conflicts, but why overly complicate your setup?  Best case, you have no Internet until the router finishes rebooting. 


If you are experiencing an issue that you believe can only be resolved by a reboot, then you should report it through official support channels or here on this forum.



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Re: Shchedule Restarts

Because of the poor qa of computer code these days, EVERYTHING needs a reboot once in a while.  Some things more than others.


There are ways to script a reboot using the web interface and wget.  If you're interested in how, post back and I'll go into more detail.  I did this for many years for routers that were less than stable after 24hrs.

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