Slow LAN Speed Rates to Network Attached Storage


Slow LAN Speed Rates to Network Attached Storage

PROBLEM: Slow LAN Txfr Rate to Network Attached Storage
SETUP: From Windows 10 PC using Qbitt Im saving files to a Network Attached Storage (NAS, Synology DS220j) over a 1G LAN. All is wired. NAS 1G ethernet port is attached directly to R6700 1G port.
Problem. The speed is extremly slow for files, on the order of 50 Kbps and with large occassional surges. The speed is so slow on average its unusable . The NAS to PC LAN connection is fast, and proven as I can do simple file transfers and those are extremely fast 60MB/s or so.
The first pictures shows the payload transfer rate over the LAN.
The 2nd picture shows the payload + overhead of the transfer of picture 1. Tremendous amound of overhead and little payload
The 3rd picture shows the payload transfer rate for identical file to the local drive. NAS speed should be closer to this.


Question: Is something about the network protocols that prevent this apps files transferring fast over the LAN? If so is there a way to improve the speed?


Thank you

qbit to NAS Payload.pngqbitt to NAS total.jpgqbit to local drive.png

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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