Re: Slow Speed through LAN - Fast Speed through Wireless 5G


Slow Speed through LAN - Fast Speed through Wireless 5G

Hey there guys!

So I'm having a little bit of an issue with my newly installed gear.
I've purchased myself a "NETGEAR CM700 (32x8) DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem" and combined it with the "NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 Ultimate Gaming Router - AC2350 4X4 R7500v2" router. Checking LAN speeds through the modem only we got an average of a consistent download speed of 93Mb/s and a consistent upload of 22Mb/s.
Our ISP (Time Warner: Spectrum) ensures us that in our area we are capable of achieving near 200Mb/s. I've been in the IT game for a long time so I know that unless I'm really close to the source grid an acceptable speed would be around 150+.
Through normal wireless we achieved 30Mb/s (I assume this is all a normal connection can handle) and through the 5Ghz we achieved a consistent 137Mb/s. The upload on every test was roughly 22Mb/s (I wish we could be getting more but it seems that's our plans limit.

Here is where the issue is:
While we can achieve a fairly good connection through 5Ghz wireless, I would have assumed I'd have gotten my 150Mb/s through a LAN connection into the router. The strangest thing is that upon first firing it up, resetting all of the gear (just by leaving the connection off for two minutes and then powering the gear back on again) LAN only achieved a consistent 24Mb/s and 22Mb/s. Now we did only try Port 1, so perhaps it's a faulty port, tomorrow I'll try the other 3 however it's beyond me why the 5ghz can pull more than what the modem alone will give me, but then the LAN from the router only gives me 24Mb/s.

Has anyone had this issue and are able to give me any advice or tips to try out on it? Perhaps it's a new setup thing and in a day or so it will sort itself out, technology can be funny like that sometimes but soon we'll be ordering 2 very high-end desktops that will only be running LAN so I must sort this out before then as it will then become a business issue if it's not dealt with beforehand.

Thanks for your time guys <3

Model: R7500v2|Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi
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Re: Slow Speed through LAN - Fast Speed through Wireless 5G

Do you have dynamic QoS enabled?  If so, try turning it off.


Spectrum's statement sounds a bit weak to me - do you have 200 Mb/s service?

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Re: Slow Speed through LAN - Fast Speed through Wireless 5G

Currently we're actually having issues just connecting and getting service. I found some people had luck with disabling the DHCP service but that actually seems like that /must/ stay on the even connect to their end.
Since we turned that off we haven't been able to get a connection back even after factory resetting the router and power cycling the modem and router a few times. My wife is on the phone now talking to a representative and they're saying they can't see the router on their end which doesn't make a lot of sense to me because anything after the modem shouldn't be able to be seen on their end in my eyes, i don't see how they could know what we're running past that point.
We may have to talk to a netgear representative and go from there but once she's off the phone, if we've had no luck i'll try that suggestion, however I guess i need to be able to connect to the router and get service first as loading up any of the routers settings sites (192.168 etc etc) can't be reached.

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Re: Slow Speed through LAN - Fast Speed through Wireless 5G

Please post back with an update on your progress.

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Re: Slow Speed through LAN - Fast Speed through Wireless 5G

Update: The modem eventually sorted itself out and is giving up internet through it but the router still wasn't doing a single thing (i'm currently in Australia and shes in New York, so I can only relay what she can tell me, or else I would be much more thorough in terms of details with what lights are doing what etc).

Today we didn't get a chance to call netgear but I believe tomorrow we'll shoot for that and see how we go because the timewarner reps told us that we'd have to call netgear (surprise, surprise lol. Doesn't matter which country you're in, ISPs are always dodging the responsibility lol).
It is super weird to me that she was on high speed wireless all night and halfway through the night i had her turn off DHCP to see if it would solve our issue, after we ended the call I had her power cycle the system and that's when they both didn't work, but since then the modem has come good again. Again, she's factory reset the router and still nothing, I don't know why she can't reach the settings page to sort things out.

Fun. Times. lol

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