Slow Speeds R8000 Virgin Media



I have just installed my new router, having set my VM hub to modem mode. I've setup correctly, following all steps on the Nighthawk app. All devices are now connected and recieve a stable wifi connection.


However, the wifi is slower than it was on my VM hub, which was pretty bad as it is hence the new router.


On the app, i can run a speed test and it says i'm getting 220mbps download, which is nearly correct. Should be 250 but i blame VM. However, no devices can get that. Even if I turn off all devices and just have my PC on, all I can get is around 50-70 down, before i was getting 130 with HUB 3.


I am connected to 5Ghz. I've tried it with both 5 and 2.4, no difference. I have enabled and disabled smart connect. No difference.


How is this router worse than my hub 3?


Thanks for reading.

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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