Slow WiFi on R7800


Slow WiFi on R7800

I recently purchased a new R7800 AC2600 router; however, my wifi is extremely slow. My provider service is 400/20, and I am only getting @ 80 for 2.4 and @ 180 for 5. Hard wired I get @ 380. I contacted support to see if it was a setting problem.. which they had me change channels and log the speed over 24 hrs. Any suggestions on potential setting issues would be appricated. My firmware version is V1.0.2.58.

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: Slow WiFi on R7800

One thing to do, actually 2, is to make sure QoS and Traffic Meter is off... these two can cause problems, and with the speed your ISP provides QoS is most likely not needed.


That said, depending on how you are measuring the wireless speeds, they may not be bad? That is unless you KNOW you had better speeds before?


Wireless depends on many factors.


  • Devices capability
  • Distance from router
  • Walls and construction between device and router
  • Channel interference from others using the same channel
  • Noise on channel (interference)
  • Speeds of devices sharing channel
  • 802.11 device speed capability
  • Driver level of devices and OS used (latest is always best bet)
  • For every device there are 3 speeds, the connection speed, what and Internet speed test, like what shows, and the real speed that is achieved

So for starters, how about detailing how being measured and what devices? Also does it make a difference if only ONE device is connected to the router at a time?

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