Slower speeds than what Spectrum Hitron EN2251 Modem gives out (R6700v3)

I have been attempting to setup my router to work with my newly activated Spectrum Modem (Hitron EN2251). 


When I 1st activated the modem, I tested the speed with speedtest app on my PC (Win 10) and it went over the 200mbps that I pay for at around 230mbps. So I thought, great! So I plugged in my Nighthawk R6700v3 to the modem and wasn't getting any sort of internet and even used the wizard. I found some helpful post stating to login to and then plug it back in. This seemed to have made it work somehow. However, I checked my speed again and on my PC I only got around 90mbps. I went ahead and checked my phone and tested the speed there (connected to 5G band) and I got pretty much the same speed but higher ping (which makes sense). I have power cycled my modem and even reset my router just to see if any prior settings that I had on the router would interfere. Unfortunately, none of this has allowed for it to speed up and I'm currently stuck at this point. I did forget to mention that I have ensured to turn off specific services or at least I think I disabled them. Any help or suggestions appreciated to get my speeds up to 200+mbps through this router would be great. I know for sure I don't have Netgear Armor even activated on my router and the only QoS I have enabled is for the wifi portion (WMM).

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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