Re: SmartConnect Experiences?


SmartConnect Experiences?

Purchased a model R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 router two weeks ago and am very pleased with the performance.  Now I'm trying to decide if I should use the SmartConnect feature.  I currently have different SSIDs on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands.


I would appreciate any feedback, pro or con, regarding SmartConnect on this router.


Thank You

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Re: SmartConnect Experiences?

SmartConnect does not work so well for me. Seems to get alot more buffering with netflix via my amazon fire stick and when I cast uising chromecast.  I ultimately set the 2G chnnel to channel 8 and left the 5G channel in 153 and uncheck the SmartConnect. I checked the 20/40 hz coexist thing. I named both 2G and 5G ssid teh same.  I found that these combinations are the best with minimal latency/buffering.

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Re: SmartConnect Experiences?

The problem is you don't know which band you're using. To me that's BS Why? Because each band has different characteristic's. Now if you're only surfing and don't have a clue then yes smart connect may be for you. But if you're using ANY 5g AC clients You'll be questioning your connection rates and wondering why it appears to be slower. The differences between 2.4 and 5g AC are so great anyone having a choice would prefer 5g and once you're accustomed to it 2.4 just won't cut it.

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Re: SmartConnect Experiences?

IMO, netgear should be concentrating on bug fixes rather than new features. They are alienating a large customer base with all the bugs in the FW.


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