Solved: AC1900 using OpenVPN from Android tablet


Solved: AC1900 using OpenVPN from Android tablet


I know this problem has come up a time or two and I'm very happy to say I finally was able to configure OpenVPN on my Android Samsung Tab 3 without rooting it! I'm able to connect to my AC1900 without issue. Everything works great and I was even able to overcome an issue with Windows RDP sessions through the tunnel. I'm not sure this will work for everyone, but this is how I got it to work:

1. Buy and install the paid OpenVPN client from It's available through Google Play for around $7.00. This is the only OpenVPN client I found that supported the TAP format used by the AC1900.

2. Export your "Windows" OpenVPN configuration from the AC1900 and save it to your computer. Extract all of the files in the .zip folder.

NOTE: To correct the RDP issue I had, I manually edited the client1.ovpn file with a text editor. I added the following line to the bottom of the configuration to decrease the mtu size, "mssfix 1400", and saved it. The packets were too large by default and I got a black screen when opening the RDP session. 1400 seems to do the trick.

3. Copy all of the contents of the zip file to your Android device via USB or other means. Remember where you saved the files on the device so you can import them in the next step.

4. Open the newly installed OpenVPN client and click "IMPORT OVPN". Name and save your connection when it's done importing. The client will automatically import all of your settings, including the mssfix I added earlier. Though, it won't show up in the custom options. It's still there.

You're all done and should be ready to connect!

I imply no warranty or sales pitch here. I'm just passing on what worked for me and I hope it helps everyone.

Good luck!
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Re: Solved: AC1900 using OpenVPN from Android tablet

Thanks for some info. I will try these.
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Re: Solved: AC1900 using OpenVPN from Android tablet

Is "OpenVPN client from" für iOS available?
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