Sony Dash can't connect after R7000 upgrade


Sony Dash can't connect after R7000 upgrade

Since upgrading my R7000 to V1.0.6.28_1.1.83 my Sony Dash devices can't connect to the internet. The MAC addresses do appear in the router's Attached Devices table, but without IP addresses. So it seems like a DHCP issue. Nothing in the router's log. The Dashes are connecting to the non-guest 2.4GHz network. My Android phone and tablet still connect fine, but they are connecting to the 5GHz network. DHCP is working fine for the Androids and the wired devices.


Smart Connect is off.

Access Control is off.

I can't find the Arlo setting at the moment but I'm sure it was off because I didn't know WTF it was.

I had VPN Service enabled initially, but disabled it, didn't fix the problem.

Turn off wireless signal by schedule is disabled for both.


I guess this is probably


My initial search didn't find that, but the auto-suggestions while writing this post did.


If you'd like me to test a new build, email me and I'll try it when I get home tonight.


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Re: Sony Dash can't connect after R7000 upgrade

Netgear appears to have pulled and from their support website.  I suggest you downgrade to  Make sure you perform a factory reset and reconfigure settings by hand after the downgrade.

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Re: Sony Dash can't connect after R7000 upgrade

Do we have a tool to parse .cfg files? Not sure I remember every port forward I had.

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Re: Sony Dash can't connect after R7000 upgrade

I have tried to look at the contents of the backup file, but it appears to be straight binary. It may very well be an image of the memory that stores the parameters. Without knowing what the structure is, it is not possible to decode it, so anything would have to come from Netgear.


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