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Static IP Addresses ?

Looking to understand the best practice for setting up home network IP addresses. I have DHCP enabled on the router and I have assigned static IPs to a few devices as those devices need to have the same IP consistently. For other devices that the same IP address is not required. Should I go ahead and assign a static IP to them? My reason for asking is when I put a computer to sleep and its DHCP lease expires and another device comes online and is assigned the now expired address, when the initial computer comes online my network monitoring software will see Duplicate IP addresses detected in network and Detected ARP cache poisoning attack. I'm thinking by assigning static IPs these will go away.



Are there any downsides other than the management of the static IP configuration?

Model: R7900|Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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Re: Static IP Addresses ?

This is how I handled static IP addresses and DHCP.


I wanted static IP addresses for my printers so I opened up the routers web interface and went to the Advanced tab the Setup and LAN Setup under that.  Under where it says Use Router as DHCP Server I changed the Ending IP Address to 199 in the last octet (the last number on that line).  Click the Apply button after you do that.


I then Set up static IP addresses in my printers configurations to be 200 and 201 in the last octet which is and in my case.  I then restarted the router.


After the router booted up I turned on all my network attached devices, especially cell phones.  I then logged back into the router and went to the same LAN setup screen as above.


I used the +Add button at the bottom of the page to reserve all my IP addresses, including the static IP addresses, in the router one at a time.  I then clicked Apply at the top of the page and after that I rebooted the router just to make sure everything worked.


If you follow this method you should have plenty of static IP addresses available from 200~254 and all your IP addresses will be reserved saving you from the problem of IP conflicts.







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Re: Static IP Addresses ?



If the lease is expiring before the computer backs online, then I contend that the monitoring software is broken.  But, yes, either assigning the computer a static IP address or using a DHCP address reserveration should work around this bug.

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