Strange issues on R7000

I've been having trouble with my R7000 for months. I'm on Firmware and have resolved several issues (iphones connecting and immediately dropping connection, enabling ipv6 resolved this) but now I'm having an issue where I'll be on my laptop working and all of the sudden it says no internet connection. I'm still connected to the router but I can't ping or tracert anything or get anywhere other than the GUI for the router. But other devices on the network (iphone, xbox one, my work laptop through VPN) work fine. Clearly not a connection problems since other devices work but it randomly drops my iphone and android tablets the same way sometimes. Any ideas?

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Strange issues on R7000

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Previously, that firmware was released to support Arlo devices but then a lot of customers had problems using it and we decided to remove it from our site.

Right now, we have a current firmware which fixes bugs that were submitted by different users.

You may perhaps try to use the latest firmware release. Here's the link.

By the way, after firmware update, kindly factory reset the router and reconfigure it as if it's brand new out of the box.

Once done, observe your connection and report if any problem arise.

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