Strangely Missing Features?


Strangely Missing Features?

I am generally very happy with the features and performance of the R7000, though there are a few features that are ominously absent. Maybe I am just missing them somewhere, but it seems like these would be nice to have if they are not already present:

    Am I missing any of these somewhere?
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Re: Strangely Missing Features?

Enable/Disable checkboxes for port forwarding. Maybe I only want the port forwarded when I travel, but I don't want to create it each time. Now I have to change a port number to disable it, then remember what it was when I want to enable it again.

Never have on netgear consumer line. Only Prosafe/Prosecure line has that

can block pages that "contain" certain text, but I can't block specific words in URLs. I would like to use a blocking feature to block ad servers, but not pages containing links to ad servers.

It will only take domain names.

A status page for wireless connection speed and dB strength for connected devices. My old D-Link showed this well. As much is going in in the dashboard, it is odd that it is not present.

One think Netgear has not done that much on consumer lines

I would send your idea to support directly using portal at
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Re: Strangely Missing Features?

I use the allowed site visited log to identify ad sites and then copy and paste into blocked site list. It works quite well.

Is this what you're trying to do?
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