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Subnet change

So i have one Nighthawk R7000 router managing a huge number of people and i need that router to be able to handle more than 254 devices, but every time i change the subnet that its in, the first three octets stay greyed out and i cant change how many devices can hook to the route itself. Is there a way around this?

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Re: Subnet change

The device can only cater upto .254 IP address. The starting is .2 and ending is .254. These addresses must be part of the same IP address subnet as the router's LAN IP address. If the The LAN IP address is then the IP addresses will be
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Re: Subnet change

If you are going to have 254, about, clients as one time you should be looking for some different hardware/software. If you have a potential of 250+ clients but not all at once you can reduce the lease time to say 2 hours so that IP addresses would be freed up quicker then the default 1 day. That way you can support more clients then the IP scope as long as they are not all active at the same time. If they are all active at the same time then as I said before you really need to look at different hardware/software.
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