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Support For MultiBay Hard Drive Hub

I Bought the R8000 Router and i am satified so far. I got one glitch that is driving me to drink... I own a multibay HD Enclosure with 4 Hard Drive . Thr router only detect the first one of the four. After researching online i found this in the FAQ section of the site

Does the R8000 USB 3.0 port support multiple drives i.e. 2-4 bay enclosures?
It should be able to support the hub if the drive has an external power supply as if it has multiple drives. The Nighthawk X6 might not be able to supply the power to those drives. That means the R8000 support multiple drives only if the drive has its own external power supply.

My enclosure is powered by a power source. Is there a software available to fix this? I plug the enclosure in any of my windows PC and it detect everything on the spot.. (Including my Raspberry Pi in Linux).

I would really love this to work.
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Re: Support For MultiBay Hard Drive Hub

Ok... Now with the recent firmware update I can see all my 4 drives BUT i cannot share or anything else. And some drive letter are attributed on 2 drives at the same time...

Here is a screenshot of the problem...

PS: my drives were shared (2 was working) When I tried to fix that problem I deleted the share and now i cannot redo my share... Can someone help me on this... Thank you!
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Re: Support For MultiBay Hard Drive Hub

My suggestion is;

1.) to unplug the hub
2.) reboot the router with the reset on the back
3.) once the router is fully booted plug the hub in
4.) now log into the router and start setting everything back up manually

My single USB 3.0 drive had issues with the share until this was done.
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Re: Support For MultiBay Hard Drive Hub

Try to reset the router as well.
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