USB HDD Speed over LAN drastically slowed by QoS

If advanced QoS is enabled on this router it slows the LAN access to the USB HDD down to approximately 1MB/s

If dynamic QoS is enabled it works as you would expect.

Unfortunately the speed of my connection 235mb/s is not nearly as fast with dynamic QoS enabled. Only when using advanced QoS can I achieve speeds that are relative to the maximum capable by my internet connection. I am connected over LAN.


The last version of firmware to work properly was R6700-V1.0.1.20_10.0.32

The current version and all versions after R6700-V1.0.1.20_10.0.32 exhibit this problem. The current version as of this post is R6700-V1.0.1.26_10.0.35

So right now I am either forced to use old firmware that has security issues or disable the Advanced QoS features that were key in deciding to puchase this router.


I performed a full factory reset after updating to the latest firmware and initially the readyshare feature worked as expected. It was only once I turned on Advance QoS that the LAN USB HDD speed plummeted to 1MB/s.


No changing/adjusting of advanced QoS settings will fix the issue. Using dynamic QoS fixes the issue, but is not an acceptable solution as it only allows me to use approximately half of my bandwidth despite the feature in the router showing a 230mb/s speed I can only achieve 107mb/s when going to website. If I turn off QoS or switch to Advanced QoS I can achieve the expected 230-235mb/s download speeds.


The main issue is that Advanced QoS no longer functions properly after version R6700-V1.0.1.20_10.0.32

Any version after that causes LAN access to the readyshare connected drive to be incredibly slow.


Please look into this as I would prefer to be able to both use the advanced QoS feature and connect to my USB HDD through the router at speeds higher than 1MB/s. As it currently functions home videos are not even viewable through the HDD connected to the router unless QoS is either turned off completely or set to Dynamic.


Thank you.


Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: USB HDD Speed over LAN drastically slowed by QoS

Internet speeds with Advanced QoS on are also significantly impacted.


The usual 230-235mb/s download speeds are limited to under 10mb/s download and 12mb/s upload is limited to just under 10mb/s upload. These measurements were taken using and are from the server owned by my ISP in the same city in which I live.


Advanced QoS not only slows down the HDD connected via USB to the router it also greatly slows down network speeds.


Something is broken in these recent firmware updates in regards to the advanced QoS feature.


The latest firmware(s) render the router nearly useless unless you disable the advanced QoS feature. I ask that you please look into this as it should be easy to replicate the results I am seeing.


Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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