Unable to Access or Reset my R8500


Unable to Access or Reset my R8500

My R8500 had been working fine for over a year and then it just stopped for no apparent reason. Working fine one minute. Almost dead the next.


1. I am not able to access it from any of my wired PCs using or


2. I am unable to reset it to factory settings by pressing the Reset button on the back. I also tried a 30/30/30 reset process I saw somewhere. No luck with that either.


The power light is on. The light for each of my six wired devices is on but each device says it's not connected. The lights on the tip of each antenna are on but no WiFi signals. It seems to go through a normal power-on start-up process where all of the lights blink for a while. But, when the lights stop blinking I've got nothing.


So, I can't do a reset from any of my PCs because none of them connect. The reset button doesn't seem to do anything anymore.


Any suggestions appreciated!


Model: R8500|Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band AC5300 WiFi Router
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Re: Unable to Access or Reset my R8500

I just saw this article.  Perhaps this is what happened to my R8500?


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